About Me

I have a Phd in English from Vanderbilt University and a MA in English Education from Teachers College, Columbia University. I bring my academic training together with just over twenty years in the classroom, a daily meditation practice, and my time as a poet to help you develop, deepen, and shape your writing for both you and your readers. My poetry has most recently appeared in Boston Review, Broome Street Review, Poetry Daily, The Hopkins Review and was awarded the Rachel Wetzsteon Poetry Prize from the 92nd Street Y. I have worked as an editor on projects ranging from poetry manuscripts, autobiographies, syllabus and curriculum design, artist statements, dissertations, academic articles, novels, music albums, virtual reality screenplays, and creative non-fiction. My editorial work can accommodate any genre of writing and any stage of the writing process--from development to line-edits to proofreading--and I also offer private writing workshops and consultations. I work with you to find a process to fit your singular voice. Please email a 5-page sample of your writing and a little about what you hope to work on to:  sarah.m.passino@gmail.com



“Sarah is not only one of the most formidable and courageous thinkers, but she brings the rare combination of brilliance and generosity to her writing and her editing work.” Colin Dayan Translator of Rainbow for the Christian West, Author of Haiti, History, and the Gods, The Law Is a White Dog: How Legal Rituals Make and Unmake Persons, With Dogs at the Edge of Life


“Sarah not only gave me clear, constructive, and generous feedback about what she enjoyed reading in my second poetry manuscript and why, she also gave me great copy editing feedback, suggestions for other poems to write for the manuscript, and ideas about what could be the focus of my next manuscript, all of which I ended up following. Her supportive enthusiasm and startling intelligence made it a pleasure to work with her.”  Dell Lemmon, Author of Single Woman.


“Sarah is gifted in listening to and being present for writers. She brings passion and energy, leadership and openness, creativity, critical thinking, and attention to detail in all that she does. It is a joy to work with her and I cannot recommend her enough as an editor!” Rev. Dr. Janet L. Wolf, Director, Nonviolent Organizing and Alex Haley Farm, Children's Defense Fund


“Sarah is a woman of rare energy and passion who brings all the best aspects of her intellectual work and ethical commitments to everything she does. I love working with Sarah. She produces some of the finest, most intellectually organized, and engaged work as teacher, writer, and editor. I highly recommend working with her.” Dana D. Nelson, Gertrude Conway Professor of English and Chair, English Department, Vanderbilt University


"Sarah is a joy to work with and a centering voice in the revision process. She listens to what exists beyond the page and really believes in me as a writer. From developmental edits to line-edits, her care and skills come shining through. Our time together not only sharpens my thinking, but grounds me. Sometimes the simplest questions she asks light the way forward. I can't wait to work with her again!" Kate Lassiter, PhD, Assistant Professor of Religious and Pastoral Studies


“Sarah was invaluable in helping shape my first novel. The chapters she worked on the most turned out to be my favorites. As a result, my manuscript received multiple offers from publishers and was optioned for television. More than just an editor who fixed my grammatical errors, Sarah coached me to help me find my strongest voice and nudged me to thread that voice though every sentence I wrote. Her personal style is part demanding editor, part inspiring coach and part nurturing friend. I thoroughly enjoyed working with her and have no doubt that her efforts made my words better." Rebekah Gleaves Sanderlin, Journalist, Author, Producer & Public Speaker


“Sarah is a collaborative and thoughtful editor who brought her sensibilities as a writer, a political theorist, and a community-engaged educator to help our team in an advisory capacity to begin the project and in an editorial capacity finish it. As a reviewing editor, Sarah helped provide the needed context and clarity to help get us over the finish line and with her assistance, the book is now under contract with University of California Press.” Amie Thurber, A People’s Guide to Nashville

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